It's time for SHAKERATO

It's time for SHAKERATO

Shakerato is the very Italian word...

for a cold coffee shake. Some Italian bars pour it into a chilled martini glass or champagne glass. It is so very refreshing as the summer heat begins and intensifies through untill September here in Italy. I prefer mine "senza zucchero"  without sugar which will make a little less creamy drink but just as good. If you have a martini shaker you can make it at home as well.
Brew your espresso and let it cool for a couple minutes then add alot of ice to your shaker, pour in the coffee and sugar syrup as desired, then cover and shake vigorously for a 2/3 minutes. Pour into a chilled glass and enjoy the creamy smooth ice cold coffee. Your can add flavoured sugar syrups as well... caramel, chocolate, cinnamon.

Elegant, cool and uplifting in the summer heat.

Try this classic Italian premium coffee from  Lavazza or Illy

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